US Bank

US Bank hired me to oversee UX of their online mortgage properties.

Priorities were to secure new ground with first-time buyers through thoughtful education online. That was going well, but then the pandemic hit, causing a major and sudden reprioritization of accessibility and refinance rates. The team pivoted flawlessly achieving record speed in delivery.

Mapping it

The actual mortgage funnel and ecosystem had never really been mapped out, so I set out to get a bird's eye view of what we have to serve our users and how it flows. Generally, if there is a missing document that can align the team, I will be making it.

Wireframes & Testing

US Bank has an extensive testing lab at the corporate office, and we took full advantage of this. Testing our theories in a lab environment with end users prior to design.

Environmental Observations

Sometimes the team needs to see things from a new perspective. I am known for creating infographics and thinking rubrics to help teams stay aligned on risk and opportunity. Heavy utilization of digital optimization and testing (DTO) allowed us to track the cause and effect of our user journey changes.

Record Scratch (pandemic)

Suddenly the world was in chaos, our team was remote and our priorities were shifted 100%. I am proud to say our little team took everything that came at us and delivered in record time.