I am a
hybrid with
curiosity to spare
and tenacity to fulfill

UX Research & Design Portfolio

I am one of the originals who was doing UX before it was a term. I am happy to see the space shaken up by AI. Design is choices, informed or otherwise. Research is that opportunity to inform. I also do low-cost Service Design training for teams.


Asset Verify

I developed a mobile application designed to efficiently scan and analyze assets. The main purpose of this app is to streamline the process of retrieving information about assets and exporting them to spreadsheets or other systems.


I took my favorite part of my past life [as an agency owner] and put it on the menu all by itself. BRAINSTORMING** by the hour. I know a ton of fun (and spookily scientific) ways to shock the system.

woman covering face with assorted ballons
woman covering face with assorted ballons

** aka service design, co-create, mind map, storyboarding, SWOT analysis, thinking hats (n), white-boarding, user stories and bloody knuckles (TM)

Crazy Cold Games

Video games are the highest art form. I am building a collective of game makers, specifically those who do NOT normally get to make games professionally. Every game maker wanna-be in MN will soon be activated in a coordinated effort to bring NEW and FRESH games to Mobile, Desktop, and VR.

people sitting on chair in front of computer
people sitting on chair in front of computer

Iya Nacuaa art

In 2015, under the moniker 'Iya Nacuaa', I started creating art on a journey to heal my soul." 8 years later I am consistently showing and selling fine art.