Midmark contracted me to find all the ways clinical staff could use real-time location data about all their equipment.
Hospital IoT - mass telemetry

Midmark has a system that can tell you where EVERY asset you own is in the hospital. The challenge? How to draw out truly meaningful information and support high-value interactions with it. Our focus for this contract would be on Staff Duress.

Staff Duress (part 1)

The pandemic had seen a sharp spike in clinical staff attacks. One thing we quickly realized was that our system tracks people as well as equipment, we quickly set out to find ways to support staff in a duress situation.

How we can support staff

Duress is important, you can't miss a call. The mission-critical nature of duress meant we had to crawl before we could run. Being able to tether into hospital alarms would be the gold standard, but there are ways for the system to step into a more critical role over time with testing.

Duress (phasing)

We can't always make what we want all at once, I helped the product owner see the feature through a lens of product team roles and implications. Allow us to plan a realse of duress features right away and improve them over time.


UX research was able to formulate a 3 phase approach to implement duress. User interviews with clinical staff were the primary source of validation.