Auto Chess

Project: It's Bloody Science
platform: Unity, PC (maybe mobile)
Status: Early stage, creating game assets, playtesting.

Synergies, Classes

Much like many other auto-chess battlers the idea would be to have a few main synergies and then some sub-classes. The main synergies in this game represent the character's main science path and the best categorization of their prominent discovery.


So far the character list is ambitious, the idea will be to create some base synergy/class structure for playtesting and add new characters in add-on packs. Maybe even Neil D Tyson would entertain being an ASTRO RELATIVITY character for us.

Current team

Jared : Project lead, C#, Modeling, SFX, Music
Theodore : Game mechanics, Lore, Story, Characters, Dialog

We need

Animator: 3D animator needed for putting mocap into models
Artist: character, scene, and IU
Dev: help for Jared, C# codebase in Unity
Voice Acting: to act out lines written by Theo

Unity + Prefab Kit

We purchased a prefab kit to get our game part of the way, we have started the process of creating characters (Blender) to rig into the game for some play testing.