BMW Group

BMW contracted me to pioneer UX reseach for eMobility.

EV drivers had yet to receive any consideration in the core flagship BMW app. BMW would charge me with developing their UX roadmap and backlog for EV users globally.

Service Design (part 1)

Upon my arrival at BMW in Chicago, I was privy to company-sponsored training facilitated by The Cooper Union's design school. I had done some design sprint work at Polaris attempting to condense Google venture sprints into something a bit more practical for the average corporate setting. I was teacher's pet, to say the least.

white and black abstract painting
white and black abstract painting
Aligning with Munich

Steakholders from Munch had little time when in Chicago. The flurry of feature priority and aligning with programs in Europe meant we had to be hyper-efficient with our time. Service Design ended up netting us some really fast wins for eMobility.

Service Design (part 2)

Over a few weeks, I got the distinct impression that other workstreams were not taking advantage of the service design training. Largely in part due to difficulty translating the methods from class (airline) into our domain (automotive). I spent time with the other workstreams co-leading service design sessions with their UX leaders to help them get more comfortable with the process.


After some quick research with the stakeholders, I was able to loop potential solutions through the greater UX team for crazy eights. This allowed me to move confidently into prototypes for high-impact, low-cost features for eMobility.